On behalf of the Croatia Tourist Guides Association (hereinafter: Association) we wish the visitors and our dear colleagues a warm welcome to our web pages.

The Association was founded in 2005 and it incorporates 21 local tourist guides associations from all regions of Croatia. The majority of these local associations have won many awards for the promotion of cultural heritage. The Association’s main task is to protect and ensure prosperity and wellbeing of all Croatian tourist guides and create conditions for a more quality tourist representation, promotion of identity, importance and reputation of Croatia.

Tourist guides interpret and present cultural heritage as one of our most important distinguishing traits with respect to globalisation, which represents our entire national corpus. Hence, we are entitled to say that tourist guides are the true protectors of the Croatian national identity in the global context of civilisation mobility. Considering that the mainstream trend in the tourism nowadays is the so-called “experiential tourism”, we may say that only the Croatian tourist guides, through their stories and interpretations, can really unveil the hidden soul of temporal and spatial processes and phenomena to tourists and visitors in a specific county and locality of Croatia.

The tourist guides represent a particular destination, indirectly affect the increased tourist consumption and create a sort of an emotional link between the tourists and the destination, which the tourists then carry with them to their homes and pass forward onto their friends.

The Association incorporates 21 tourist guides associations from every Croatian region.

Come to us because we are here for you!

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